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Cleaning 101: How to Take Care of Printed Circuit Boards?

A malfunctioning gadget often has problems with its wiring connections that are mainly found on the printed circuit board. Immediately, a user takes it to the technician, only to find out that it was covered with dust particles and just needs cleaning. This is why it is important to know the basics of how to clean a PCB.

A printed circuit board is a delicate object to handle. At a first glance, one might imagine the complexity of the wires interconnected and may rethink of cleaning it. However, a little knowledge, patience and skills are what you basically need to safely clean a PCB.

printed circuit board  Many kinds of dirt and other particles can affect the functionality of the PCB. This means that a specific cleaning method is required for a specific scenario. To clean a printed circuit board, one must first identify what is the specific situation to be dealt with. It can either be a cover of dust, a corrosion of the metals inside, solder flux, etc., and there are various ways to clean them.

For dust particles covering the PCB, it is recommended to use a simple brush, depending on the board size. It can be an old toothbrush, a small paint brush, or even a vacuum brush. An automatic electronic vacuum designed for PCB can also be used. This is done by regulating the amount of air which is just enough to blow off the dust to avoid breaking the board.

The next that you should deal with is dirt mixed with sticky elements such as wax or oil. This scenario requires thorough cleaning because dust and other particles are easily attracted to oil or wax’s tackiness. To do so, examine the board first. Make sure to take note of the parts that should not be removed or should not come in contact with water. Reading a PCB manual is also helpful.

Second, undo any components that are plugged into the board. It can be unsoldered to be safe. For the cleaning of the board itself, obtain a solution of a non-phosphate cleaner which can be bought at supermarkets and put it on the board and leave for about 15 minutes. Slightly brush it and rinse with water thoroughly.

Let the board dry by carefully wiping water off or using an air compressing machine to let the water evaporate. Subject the board into heat to ensure that it gets dry. It is advisable to use an oven. Preheat the oven into about 75 degrees Celsius, then turn it off and put the board inside it overnight. When completed, inspect for any damage.

Corrosion is among the most serious problems one may encounter if the PCB is not cleaned properly and immediately. When a metal undergoes corrosion, a chemical reaction destroys it. The printed circuit board, which is made of copper, is not an exception. To deal with corrosion problems, identify first what is the initial cause. If a leaked battery is the source, use a mixture of water and baking soda. This will create a paste-like solution.

Softly rub a brush and leave it for 30 minutes. This will help stop the penetration of the acid from the battery; then clean start cleaning it. The cleaning method ideal for filthy and tacky particles can be directly applied if the reason for corrosion is water.

Solder flux is also a common problem. This is observed when a yellowish or brownish lump is seen. This flux is characterized as acidic, and thus can affect internal pins, traces, and other related circuits. This can be easily done by using professional and commercial cleaning brands. For a beginner, and those who want to maintain their boards often, an isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush can be used. Let it dry by wiping it with a clean towel.

Taking care of printed circuit boards is very important and everyone who owns a gadget must have a little bit of knowledge about the basics of cleaning it.

Rubber Wristbands: Where It All Started

The use of rubber wristbands now isn’t just for accessorizing. Today, many different organizations and charities use these rubber and silicone bracelets to represent their groups and collect funds during events. It is easier to sell rubber wristbands at charity events because they are cheaper and they fit everyone who wants to wear them. Helping doesn’t always have to be grand and doesn’t require huge sums of money to be considered an aid. Through the purchase of wristbands, many people will be able to help charities and other organizations because multiple purchases of wristbands result to bigger support. Be it a kid, a kid-at-heart, or an old folk, these wristbands are serving as good tools in making people contribute to different organizations in their own little ways.

There are also corporations who use silicone and rubber bracelets as a way to promote or advertise their companies. Because rubber wristbands are inexpensive and more accessible to customers, companies produce wristbands that bear their brand name and logo to spread awareness and their aims. If you attend concerts and music festivals today, you will find booths that also sell customized rubber bracelets that serve as a souvenir of the fest. Some people even buy several personalized wristbands to gift them to friends and loved ones on special occasions.

But where did the rubber wristband craze really start? Here’s a quick rundown of how and when these colorful arm candies originated.

Punk Era

rubber braceletsThe popularity of silicone and rubber bracelets started during the late 70s up to the late 80s when punks opted to wear these accessories to defy the sparkling jewelry trend. Unlike gold and silver, rubbers possess no value and they’re a cheap fashion statement contrasting the glamour brought about by real jewelries.

The rubber bracelet craze even got wilder when famous 80s music icons such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper started sporting these wristbands during concerts and in music videos. The rubber bracelets then were made of silicone and people referred to them as the jelly bracelets. These hot items were found in bubble gum machines, pharmacies and malls for everyone to buy and wear. During that time, different styles of rubber and silicone bracelets were offered to the public. Translucent and glittered rubber bracelets were a huge hit back then to the 80s kids and they even traded their bracelets among friends and other collectors.

The 90s and the cruel intentions

During the 90s, a brief lull in the rubber bracelet trend occurred when rumors started that kids only wore these bracelets to represent a specific sex act that they wanted to engage in. These jelly bracelets that were then referred to as the “Sex Bracelets” came in different colors and became popular among students and rock band groupies. Rubber bracelets were banned in schools though it was eventually proven that the sex bracelet stigma was untrue and unproven.

Soon, rubber bracelets that had small writings on them became a bigger hit to kids and the fad reached different sports companies and organizations. Since it was harder to emboss or print writings on silicone and jelly bracelets, companies used the rubber wristbands to symbolize their group and promote their slogan.

The 2000s

The mid-2000s gave birth to the whole Baller ID trend when huge sports companies started manufacturing baller bracelets that had different player characteristics imprinted on them. Nike was the biggest company who sold Baller IDs that came in sets of three and had different colors signifying teams. When the famous basketball players started wearing the famed Baller IDs, fans of the sport followed suit and started collecting Baller IDs to show support to their idols.

In 2004, Nike collaborated with famous cyclist Lance Armstrong to produce the “LiveStrong” rubber wristbands for Armstrong’s cancer research foundation. They used these bracelets to raise funds for the research and to spread charity awareness among different groups.

Since then, rubber wristbands were used in various events and marketing tactics to attract customers and gain publicity.

Content Marketing Ideas SEO Companies Fail To Work On

When you hire a professional marketing service, you will want to ensure that they are doing everything that they can to get you ranked high within search engines. If you do not get that basic element from their work, then you will end up losing out on a bit of credibility online. Today, marketing is something that can either make or break your market share within a lot of different niches. More and more people are growing skeptical about sites and information that they find on the web. You will find this to be increasingly true when you start look at the world of internet marketing as a whole. If you want to ensure that you are not purchasing the services of SEO companies that don’t know what they are doing, then you need to look at a few things that many of them fail to work on.

The Dead Backlink Problem

Websites go down all the time. Businesses fail in droves, but before they all bite the bullet they leave behind domain names registered that have a ton of backlinks. You may find that some of your favorite websites from the past have a lot of backlinks pointed right at them. That’s something that is definitely worth exploring on a various amounts of levels. The problem with this is that you will find that links to be ripe for the taking if you find them. Don’t worry about registering domain names that have expired, but rather find SEO companies that can work within the dead backlinks and forward them to you.

seo-companyThe process that helps with this is to look for companies that are out of business but are huge within the community of optimization. For instance, you may find that a lot of people were linking Borders Books. That was a huge company that had a lot of links pointed straight to that, but now? The site is dead and yet there is a lot of links that are getting pointed to it. You may not be able to rival the site, but if you own a bookstore online, you may want to use those vital links to your advantage. That’s where the dead rise again, because your company can either help with forwarding those links to you or you could contact bloggers and website owners that will change the links to point to you. Dead links give way to great traffic, if you can have them point to your sites.

Traffic Generation Through PPC

Pay per click advertising is one of the premier ways that you can make a lot of traffic go your way. This is something that many companies don’t work on because they are focused too much on internet marketing in the way of search engine optimization. There is nothing wrong with working on SEO, but if you focus only on that, you are going to miss out on the short term traffic that can be generated through SEO. This is something that most people don’t get until they realize that they are leaving a lot of traffic on the table. You want to make sure that you’re able to gain leverage through the world of marketing and that’s going to rely heavily on PPC at first. While the company you’ve hired is working on implementing the right protocol, and putting in the right links to work for you, working with advertising will give you the short term traffic to build market share as the optimization cycle matures.

One thing that many companies don’t tell you about marketing is that it takes time implement. You may not want to hear that, and you may not believe it at first, but it’s definitely something that you absolutely need to focus on if you plan on getting involved with traffic generation in the short term or long term. No matter what, short term options are better to use for a limited time, including PPC or you will end up with no major traffic while maturity dates on links, and other elements move forward.

Social Integration Issues

Social media is a great way to get a lot of traffic and influence online. However, you will find that the social component can be missed by many SEO companies. A lot of companies focus on the wrong parts of integration within social networks and can post things in a nauseating way. You will see that one update within these pages can be repeated over and over again, and all under the guise of implementing the social aspect of your site. Do not let any company go online and post on your behalf if they are just going to repeat the same things over and over again.

In order to gain leverage within the world of social media, you’ll want to make sure that the SEO components are done within the scope of the end user’s demands. The end user should be thrilled with receiving updates, seeing posts, and looking at what you’re putting up online. If they don’t want to see what you’re posting, or what’s being posted on your behalf, then you will end up losing out on a lot of things, and that’s not good. At the end of the day be wary of the services offered online from companies that work on SEO.

Types of Neck Lanyards

Due to their popularity and inherent convenience, Neck Lanyards have now become available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Likewise, they are available in a number of materials and finishes.

Although the raw materials for lanyards are originally sold as rolls or spools of fabric, most neck lanyards will be cut to measure 36” each. Once the additional accessories are added, the completed lanyard will measure 17” when worn.

In order to prevent any possible fraying, a hot knife is usually used to seal in the fabric’s edges. However, lanyards that are manufactured for larger shipments often make use of automated cutting procedures to save on production time and costs.

Flat Neck Lanyards

Despite the numerous choices available, the most popular type of neck lanyard is still the flat style lanyard.  At first glance, this type of lanyard could easily be mistaken for a wide and flat shoestring. In addition, it can even be made using the same material.

Nevertheless, in contrast to a regular shoestring, you can easily purchase a flat neck lanyards from the convenience of your own home. Online stores will also give you the option to customize both the color and the design or slogan you wish to sport on your lanyard. Whether you choose to make an original design, use a cartoon character, or show your support for your favorite sports team, the website will ensure that you will get the best possible product for your needs.

Round Neck Lanyards

neck lanyardsIf flat neck lanyards are not to your liking, then you might prefer to purchase a round neck lanyard instead. In contrast to flat neck lanyards, this type of lanyard is made of durable nylon fibers.

Additionally, this lanyard type will provide you with a more professional appearance. The rounded shape allows you to securely tuck the lanyard under your shirt’s collar.

Thankfully, regardless of the shape, both flat and round neck lanyards are equipped with the necessary features to ensure your safety. In case you aver accidentally get caught on any moving device or random hook, the lanyard’s break away style will allow you to safely detach your lanyard and save you from unnecessary injury.

Dye Sublimated Neck Lanyards

Although most individuals as well as companies would prefer to sport a more colorful neck lanyard, most lanyard materials actually start out as plain white fabrics. In order to imprint these lanyards with various colors and designs, different techniques are often used.

Dye Sublimation Neck Lanyards are one of the lanyard types with the most durable printed designs. These slogans and prints are actually transferred onto both sides of the material using heat and pressure. As a result, the designs are not as prone to deterioration and chipping as compared to regular printed designs. However, due to the costs of manufacturing dye-sublimated lanyards, they often come with an expensive price tag or high minimum purchase requirement.

Imprinted Polyester or Nylon Neck Lanyards

If you need a more economical neck lanyard type, then the imprinted polyester or nylon lanyards might be a better alternative. These lanyards can be produced even in small quantities thus making them ideal for small budgets.

However, despite the affordable price, the high-quality polyester material used to make these lanyards will be durable enough to endure daily wear and tear. Likewise, the printing process employed on these lanyards will ensure that your intricate designs and texts will appear in crisp detail. In fact, the quality will be at par with quality of your silk-screened shirts.

Woven Neck Lanyards

If durability is your primary concern, then you might want to consider purchasing a woven neck lanyard. Instead of a silk screening method, these lanyards make use of an embroidery process to apply your chosen logos or texts onto the high quality material. The meticulous process will result in a cleaner and more professional finish.

However, the drawback of this neck lanyard type is that you will only be able to make use of simple designs. Nevertheless, you will be ensured that the finished lanyards will last for a much longer time compared to other lanyards with printed designs.

The Pros and Cons of GW1516

In the recent months, the World Anti-Doping Agency took a big step towards informing the world, the sports organizations and the medical field of the potential dangers of the use of the banned substance gw1516 (which is also frequently referred to as gw501516). In the past years, this banned black market drug has been marketed as Endurobol to athletes, sports enthusiasts, and other people who would like to improve their performance in physical activities. According to the said agency, this banned substance is very harmful. Therefore, they would like each person to have complete awareness of its dangers so that they will be mindful not to use the said banned substance or performance enhancer.

Gw-501516Just last year, a cyclist from Russia, together with 4 other cyclists from Costa Rica, was apprehended by the sports organizations and was thereby banned from the major tournament. Up to now, no one knows how these cyclists specifically got hold of this illegal substance, considering the fact that the same was already banned by sports organizations and committees worldwide. However, an insider already claimed that the cyclists did in fact get hold of gw1516 from research labs. The reason is that this banned substance can only be secured in the aforementioned laboratories as a ‘research reagent.’

Despite the fact that the substance or drug has been banned by sports organizations, a simple Googling will tell you that several individual retailers on the internet already claim to be selling the banned drug for a price. Most of these online retailers frequent in bodybuilding forums. In these bodybuilding forums, many bodybuilding enthusiasts and gym-goers are discussing the fact that they would like to try out the effectiveness of gw1516 despite the apparent danger that is associated with it. In these discussions, online retailers usually emphasize the huge returns and benefits that a person will enjoy once he uses this drug. One supposed perk is losing a good amount of weight by using the body fat for energy. Another supposed benefit is the so-called cardiovascular endurance (aerobic and anaerobic) that the drug will bring to anyone who will willingly use it. Otherwise, these gym goers might be completely ignorant of the fact that these substances were already banned.

Were this substance been tested on animals?

Yes. More than a decade ago, there was a scientist in the name of Ronald M. Evans who actually performed a series of experiments with the use of the substance. At the time, Ronald M. Evans was connected with the Howard Hughes Medical Centre and Salk Institute. In this experiment, there are two sets of mice that were experimented on. The first sets of mice are the ones that were not dosed with the gw1516. The second sets of mice are the ones that were dosed with the banned drug. In the series of experiments conducted with the support of the Institute, it was found that the laboratory mice that were given the substance significantly improved their cardiovascular endurance. More specifically, the second set of mice run twice the distance of the first set of mice. Therefore, there was indeed a huge boost on the cardiovascular endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic) of the animals.

How is it even possible?

The only possible explanation at this point in time is that the drug has a certain positive effect on a gene that is involved in the building, growth, development and regulation of muscles in a body. This gene is the PPAR-delta gene. According to the group of scientists led by Evans, a dose of gw1516 stimulates activity of the PPAR-delta gene that leads to the building and regulation of body muscles.

Lapel Pins and Pin Collecting

Everything one can think of can become a collectible item. Toys, scale figures, books, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, video games and video game consoles, various memorabilia of a favorite artist or band, posters, and even printed pillows can be collected by anyone who has a vested interest in those items. Lapel pins can also receive the collectible treatment due to their various colors, designs, shapes, methods of production, embellishments, and attachment pieces.

pinsThere are several places and events that foster the hobby of pin collecting. Amusement parks such as Disneyland have an ingrained tradition of pin buying, selling, and exchanging. Sporting events such as baseball games and even the Olympics are also breeding grounds for pin collectors. Other events and places that encourage pin collecting and trading include popular bars such as the Hard Rock Café; milestone celebrations such as silver, gold, and diamond anniversaries; and huge-scale events such as political campaigns, concerts, conferences, and major product launches. Oftentimes, the organizers themselves produce the pins in limited quantities and sell them or give them away to worthy persons. The ease and affordability of producing lapel pins has emboldened both the organizers and collectors to continue cultivating this hobby.

For a person who wants to get into the hobby of pin trading and collecting, here are some tips to keep in mind.

First, the aspiring collector has to have a place to secure the pins he or she will collect. The usual places for lapel pins to be attached to are lanyards, bags, hats, vests, and scarves. The collector must bring the object containing the necessary number of pins to the trading event of choice. The more pins he or she brings, the faster his or collection will grow.

Keep in mind that the bigger and heavier the pin is, the more expensive it will be. The base material will also determine the price – rarer metals automatically increase the price.

Plan early. Many other collectors will flock to major events just to trade their pins and nothing else. If the trading event has a checklist of what and what not to trade, follow the list accordingly. A preparation period of one month in advance will suffice.

Know fully the rules of protocol and etiquette in a trading event. Protocols include “like for like” and “mooching is forbidden”. Be friendly to any newbie collectors that may be spotted and give up one pin that will prove valuable to the beginner’s collection. If a prominent personality who participates in a pin trading event is offered a pin by a fan, the personality must accept the pin regardless of circumstance or the pin’s rarity.Respect, politeness, and patience must be the prevailing traits in all pin traders. Of course, the pin being traded must be in at least a good condition.

Nowadays, pin trading can be performed on the Internet. But with the new medium of trading pins, some unscrupulous people will take advantage and make bootleg versions of valuable pins. Do not patronize them at all costs. Most websites such as eBay will have strict guidelines on bootlegs and will swiftly penalize bootleg patrons. Always follow netiquette when using the Internet for pin trading.

Know the limits in collecting. A collector must not be too broad in collecting pins that have no real sentimental value to him or her. Narrow down the preferences in pins and start from there. Budgets are very critical in not spreading out too thin.

Collecting lapel pins can be a fun and exciting hobby for most people. As with the general hobby of collecting, taking care of the collectible pins and respecting fellow pin collectors must be inculcated in a prospective pin collector.

Buying Ejuice

The best way to enjoy electronic cigarettes is by finding the right ejuice with the right nicotine content and flavour, or just the flavour for those who prefer it without any nicotine. There are a whole lot of flavours available, and this is one reason why people are starting to shift to e-cigarettes; because it’s better to taste something different every now and then when smoking. This is not something that can be done with regular cigarettes. This adds a somewhat “fun” factor to electronic cigarettes.

Ejuice comes in different nicotine combinations to suit people’s preferences. The strength varies from 0 mg to up to 54 mg. The 0 mg dose is most commonly used by people who just want to satisfy their smoking needs but without the nicotine. This is also used as a way to gradually free themselves of their addiction to cigarettes. Others can start with a 24 mg dose and see if they like it. It is relatively easy to alter the dose later on. The dosage can usually be found on the bottle, and the levels can differ depending on the manufacturer. There is, however, a general guideline that is followed:

• 0 mg – this is nicotine-free and just contains the flavouring.
• 4-8 mg/ml – low strength
• 10-14 mg/ml – medium strength
• 16-18 mg/ml – high strength
• 24-54 mg/ml – very high strength. Note that 54 mg of nicotine is too strong.

There is an assortment of flavours of ejuice, so a person wouldn’t have to stick to one and can spice things up by switching to different flavours every now and then. The flavours available may differ from shop to shop. They can be seen everywhere online, and a quick search would result in a number of them, though there are also stores that specially stock on all things electronic cigarettes. Ask around on where to find these specialty stores.

j-2For regular cigarette users, there are tobacco flavours that simulate its taste. It also variants like menthol, clove, cocoa, and menthol. Similar flavours include cigar and shisha. For the sweet tooth’s, there are flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and caramel, some dessert flavours like banana split, cheesecake, and candy flavours like bubble gum, gumballs, and cotton candy, and fruit flavours like strawberry, apple, banana, and apple. There are also soft drink flavours like cola and root beer, coffee flavours, and even liquor flavours like whiskey, brandy, cognac, and rum.

With all the different flavours available, it can be tricky to choose one. That is not a bad thing, however, as this means that one would have a different smoking experience every time he uses up a bottle. The flavour isn’t the only thing that needs to be decided, as there are also many different brands out there, and that it would be a matter of trying some out until one finds a brand that he likes.

When buying juice, especially for those only starting out with e-cigs, it is best to buy at least two flavours at a time to get a feel of the taste and feel of the particular variant or brand. There are sample and variety packs that allow one to try different flavours in small amounts. Some people even like to mix different juices in trying to come up with something entirely new.

When unsure of what flavour to get or brand to buy, it is advisable to ask around, especially from experienced electronic cigarette users. They can point you in the right direction and recommend some flavours that they have tried out themselves. They can also advise on tried and tested brands that they know sells good quality ejuice.

Comparing Hdmi Cables with Different Plating

In essence, Hdmi cables are manufactured to facilitate the high-speed signal transmission between electronic components. A single Hdmi cable is already capable of transmitting High Definition video and audio quality from one Hdmi enabled device to another.

Households, which indulge in home entertainment systems, are the most common users of Hdmi cables. After all, the ease of set-up provided by an Hdmi cable makes it the perfect choice for movie buffs and computer gamers.

Nevertheless, consumers should still note that not all HDMI cables are created equal. Ever since their invention in 2002, numerous innovations have been applied in their manufacture. Therefore, the cables are already equipped with a wide assortment of capabilities and features.

ca-5The devices that support the use of HDMI cables include Blue-Ray players, HDTV screens, digital video cameras, gaming consoles, laptops, and other devices equipped with HDMI ports. As you can notice, these devices all make use of video and audio features. Therefore, the primary concern of any consumer would be of finding the best HDMI cable that can allow him to maximize the image and sound quality of his devices. Oftentimes, this leads them to question whether they should invest in a specially plated cable in order to get the best value for their money.

Gold HDMI cables are equipped with gold plated connectors. However, since only the pins and body of the connectors are covered in gold, the final cable itselfis not exorbitantly priced. The actual wiring components of the HDMI cable will still be made of copper.

Nevertheless, a gold HDMI cablewill still be more expensive than a regular cable. After all, the special cables often include a higher gauge wire that can process much higher speeds when compared to a regular copper wire.

Silver HDMI cables are what are known as regular cables. In terms of price, silver HDMI cables are much more affordable than their gold-plated counterparts.

Like the gold HDMI cable,only the connectors themselves are plated or soldered with silver. The inner wirings function the same way as the wirings of the gold HDMI cables since they are also made of copper.However, if you want to go into specifics, regular HDMI cables are best suited for processing speeds of 60 MHz to 120 MHz

In terms of connection, gold HDMI cables provide a more secure electrical bond between devices. Likewise, gold HDMI cables are much sturdier and last much longer. They can easily adapt to fluctuating temperatures and high humidity.

They are more resistant to physical wear and tear due to their additional protective covering.Therefore, consumers often prefer gold HDMI cables since they are more attractive and are less prone to tarnishing.

However, if the cables will be primarily used indoors, then regular HDMI cables should suffice. As long as the cable is not intentionally subjected to extreme heat or cold, then it will not likely be prone to corrosion. Likewise, despite the cheaper price tag, the regular cable can already provide you with excellent audio and video quality.

Therefore, after comparing the two differently plated HDMI cables, it is apparent that the plating should not serve as the sole gauge of a cable’s quality. After all, both cable types essentially function the same way. In fact, the main difference between gold HDMI cables and silver HDMI cables are their price tags.

In the end, you should make your final cable choice based on your personal needs and budget constraints. Instead of fancy connectors, bandwidth capability and length should be your primary concerns.

After all, unless you will need to cover a large distance, the difference in picture quality should be negligible at most. It is only once the cable meets the non-negotiable requirements that you can finally decide whether you actually need to splurge on a luxurious, gold HDMI cable.

Challenge Coins and Their Prominence

The “secret handshake” is an important military tradition that shows a politician, a commanding officer, or the president of a nation pass on a distinct medallion also known as the challenge coins to a military member or a Marine worthy of recognition.

The exchange between the person awarding the coin and the award can be hardly noticed during a ceremony. However, this secret exchange is a privilege to the person receiving the medallion because that is an accomplishment or a sanction to his duty. Special challenge coins are symbols of acceptance to the noteworthy club because they symbolize a person’s admirable work ethic. Receiving a medallion from His Excellency is like winning the lottery after a lifetime of bargains. It definitely boosts a person’s self-respect and drives him to serve more willingly to his country.

ch-4Recently, President Barack Obama was pictured secretly tucking a tiny medallion into the palm of a military member. The same moment happened two weeks ago when the president gave a commander the medallion minutes after he touched down at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas. A publication photographer on-location captured the special moment between His Excellency and the commander of the 19th Airlift Wing.

It’s a prestige for photographers to snap moments like this while they are happening because these are the kinds of portraits that will go down in history. A rare photograph of this exchange is also equivalent to an extra pay check to the photographer. The challenge for the photographers is to capture the challenge coins mid-air before they are discreetly passed on to the people receiving the merit.

The first President to present a challenge coin is President Bill Clinton. Clinton also has a collection of different challenge coins given to him by the U.S. service members which are now showcased at the Clinton Library. After President Clinton, President Bush and President Obama followed suit in having their own challenge coin. During his 2007 visit to Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq, a Marine combat patrol unit handed President George W. Bush a challenge coin.

There are different kinds of presidential coins that can be acquired through online shops or in gift shops. Some of these presidential coins are the ones handed out for inauguration, a commemorative coin for his governance, and the tokens which are available to the public. The most coveted Presidential coins are obviously the challenge coins which are only awarded to military members, select dignitaries, family members, and other important individuals who have performed great service to the nation.

The President gives out a challenge coin in his own consideration. They usually reserve these discreet ceremonies for special events, military personnel or other important dignitaries. There have been talks that during former President George W. Bush’s administration, he handed out coins to injured soldiers who came back from war in the Middle East.

President Barack Obama is known for often distributing challenge coins to the soldiers who man the post on Air Force One. He also honored the death of the brave soldiers killed in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting in Texas by putting challenge coins on their memorials.

Most officials from different organizations including staff of the White House and the president’s personal attendant have their own coins now. The coin trend even extends to non-military institutions now giving ordinary civilians a chance to receive a merit badge. The globalization of challenge coins might just mean as a vanity or exclusivity to the brand giving out the badge. Nevertheless, the prominence of these medallions being given out by legitimate organizations continues to strengthen the character of the person who is worthy of receiving it.

Why You Need to Buy YouTube Likes (Unless you’re Emma Stone)

YouTube is one of the most prominent search engine sites for videos in the history of the internet so far—having garnered an audience of over a billion already. Millions of views pour in every month for a wide selection of uploads ranging from music videos to trailers, films; funny pranks, advertisements, and so on—making YouTube a living tapestry of small fragments of human life, highly accessible to all.

While the extensive viewership of the site means more possible views for your videos, the sheer number of videos uploaded simultaneously makes it difficult to quickly carve a niche into the viewership of YouTube. Whether you are a business owner or an artist looking to quickly shore up your views and likes, you can opt to buy Youtube likes online. Because of the extremely tough competition for viewership, purchasing YouTube likes can kick-start careers or increase the exposure of companies in the digital world. The increase in the number of likes is not simply aimed to make yourself feel better—it also increases your video’s visibility to the public.

youtubeFurthermore, increases in likes can also correspond to increases in ranking—it gives your videos better chances of making it to YouTube’s top-rated list. When searching for and choosing videos to stream, people usually check indicators such as views, ratings, and likes; for instance, a high number of likes demonstrates that the video is worth watching. The number of likes attracts further viewers who could then comment on or recommend the video to their friends and acquaintances through social networking sites by posting links to your video.

But garnering the desirable volume of likes could take a long time, making the option to buy YouTube likes seem a very smart and sensible move—especially for those businesses operating under a short timetable. This is because building a solid and responsive subscriber base in the site generally takes quite some time. Some videos get lucky and get viral overnight, but this is not something you can easily count on, especially if you’re not Emma Stone rocking it out at a lip sync battle.

To streamline the process, however—especially if you are on YouTube to conduct a marketing campaign—you can decide to buy YouTube likes. This will also generate space for discussion—since it draws more people in, you have a greater chance of finding comments and feedback, which could then be used to improve your business practices, services, and products. You should also keep in mind that your decision to buy YouTube likes could help you become a YouTube partner—remember that YouTube’s policies allow popular uploaders to become partners. As a partner, you will be given access to tools for improving your videos; you can even earn rewards for the subscribers your channel will attract; you can even apply to have your uploads monetized.

This will allow you to earn through ad placements in your videos. In short, the move to buy YouTube likes is not simply about garnering views and likes and reaching a wider audience—it could also be a profitable enterprise in the long run. It is important, however, that the company you buy the likes from complies with YouTube’s policies and standards, and that the likes they provide don’t simply disappear after some time.

Almost all smartphones now have YouTube apps, and the pervasiveness of the internet in contemporary social life makes YouTube a very useful tool for expression and communication. In businesses, it displays an ability to keep up with modern market trends. It also portrays an innovative, technology-savvy image—something that has long been invaluable to today’s consumers.